Relaxation and Well Being
Zachery Amadeus Funch
Well Being Practitioner
Technicien de Bien-etre
Americain in Ramonville

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From my Salon in Ramonville

Equiped and Relaxing, I Have a Salon in Ramonville fully prepared to receiving clients in a calm and relaxed environment.

House Calls

I can bring my table and equipement out to your place and set up a nice space for you to relax in.  (I'm currently restricted by the metro)

At Work

I can come out once or twice a week and help you or your employees relax and get a fresh start on the day. Proven to help boost effiency and moral at the work place. Please contact me for more information

During Events

I have the equipement and past experience to be able to do events, such as parties, salons, business get togethers.

In the past it has proven particulierly sucessful in boosting the mood, and attracting people. Aswell as being affordable, enjoyable, and practically. It's good for getting people in the mood to work or get down to business.

We use specially designed Ergonomic chairs that allow people to sit down with their head supported while we use a specially adapted Asian Technique called Shiatsu. To alleviated or just relax any tension or stress the person may be feeling beforehand.

Generally last 5 to 20 minutes and costs between 5 and 20 Euros