Relaxation and Well Being
Zachery Amadeus Funch
Well Being Practitioner
Technicien de Bien-etre
Americain in Ramonville

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Gift Certificates:

-Parfait pour offrez à vous proches.-


4 diiferent gift :

     White, Green, Blue and Gold

Each one offering different Massages



* 1 White, Discovery



Relaxing Indian, Asian, and Thailand Massages.

-Working on 4 main zones: The back, the leggs, the head and the feet.

A moment of pure relaxation awaits you.

- Shiatsu Chair Massage; Asian

(Back, Arms, Hands, Neck, and Head; in an Ergonomique Chair; 20min)

- Oil Back Massage ; Californian

(Oil, Back; 30min)

- Thaï Flexibile Leggs

(Dressed; on the Hips, Leggs, and feet; Table ; 30min)

-Relaxation of the Head ; Indian

(loose Neck clothes ; Shoulders, neck and head; laying down ; 30min)

-Heavy Leggs ; Indian

(Underwear, on the leggs and feet ; 40min)



* 2 Green Standard



During 1 hour let yourself go.... Pick one of 4 different techniques and enjoy a voyage of your own body :

-Reflexology Plantaire

(pressure on the feet ; 45min)


(Acupressure on the clothed body, On Table or Floor Mat ; 60min)


(rocking and rotation on the clothed body , On Table or Floor Mat ; 60min)


(Underwear Oil Massage for the full body ; 60min)



* 3 Blue Oil Massages



Checkup, discussion + 1 hour and 15 minute massage with essential oils adapted to help realign your situation



(oil , adapted , underwear , Table ; 75min )


(oil , adapted , underwear , Table ; 75min )



* 4 Gold Total Relaxation



Checkup, discussion + 1 hour and 30 minute massage with essential oils adapted to help realign your situation

For a massage enve more adapted to you...

For 10 to 20 minutes we discuss your health, both past and present and any concerns you have mentally physically and other. After suggestions and recommandations we will define a massage that fits most what you want out of it.

Relaxation at its best.


-Total Relaxation

(oil/nonoil , adapted , underwear , Table ; 90min )