Relaxation and Well Being
Zachery Amadeus Funch
Well Being Practitioner
Technicien de Bien-etre
Americain in Ramonville

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  Zachery Funch Technicien de bien etre, relaxation et detente corporelle


" Relaxation finally within reach "

I love giving massages, I wish everyone could receive a massage at least once in their life. Whether it be a chair massage at one of the conferences, salons and various events that I take part in each year, or with one of my very affordable introductory massages focusing on part of the body to discover the benefits of a massage without the time or money required for a full massage. Of course there is always the Total Wellness Massage that goes past just technique towards relaxation adapted completely with the person less worry of time or type before.

Amma Chair Massage

We would all really like to get a massage, but what's stopping us?     Body Image? Time? Money? Chair massage is great for all of these concerns. Amma Assis, from the Touchline Institut of Geneva, Switzerland has introduced a great technique that is both short and effective. In 15 minutes, fully dressed, on an Ergonomic Chair, virtually anywhere, you can get a wonderful massage. Almost like taking a great nap, it begins with relaxing pressure and ends with dynamic percussion work. This style lets you relax and get back to your day in a minimum of time, refreshed. At work, events and parties, even at home, Amma Chair Massage can be done almost anywhere.

 Great for students around exam time too. It can be just what a student needs to let go of some of the stress and anxiety tied to exam time.